Unraveling the Mystery Behind Stunted Hair

Let’s explore the powerful connection between mindset and hair growth.

You might be wondering why this is necessary. What aren’t we going straight into the necessary techniques?🤔

This is because your mindset is the foundation. Without a positive mindset, you will not reach your goal. We’ve heard it time and time again that ‘African hair doesn’t grow’ or that ‘Long hair is only determined by your genes’ and unfortunately, many of us have come to believe it.

If you don’t let go of those beliefs nothing will work😔You’ll keep on going in circles and jumping from one fast action growth cream to the next 😔😔

If you don’t let go of those beliefs you’ll see simple techniques/processes as being too stressful.So it’s important that we have a more positive mindset.

J. Sidlow Baxte said;

“What is the difference between an obstacle and an opportunity? Our attitude toward it. Every opportunity has a difficult, and every difficulty has an opportunity.”

So if we see caring for our hair as ‘difficult’ then it’s certainly going to be. We should love and embrace our curls, coils and/or kinks.

With a positive mindset, the sky is the starting point❤️Your hair grows and thrives with adequate love and hair.Its important to approach your hair with a positive mindset.

How to Cultivate a Positive Mindset

1. Know your hair characteristics.

Knowing your hair type, hair texture, hair density, your current hair length helps you know where you stand and helps you set achievable goals.A 2 inches hair cannot grow into 10 inches in two months. To know more about your hair characteristics read up on previous posts 👇

Hair Type

Hair Texture

Hair Density

Hair Porosity

2. Affirmations! Or *Hair-Firmations*☺️

Here are three affirmations you can say right now👇

💜Taking care of my hair is self-care

💜I am worthy of the hair I desire.

💜I can envision the long hair I want.

3. Don’t compare your hair to others

Understand that the same way everyone is unique, is the same way everyone’s hair is different💃

Your friend may have started her hair journey the same day that you did and while hers has grown to waist length yours is barely touching your neck.

Comparing your hair to hers will only build resentment to your own hair which is counter productive.

How do I Grow my Hair?

Do you know your hair is growing? 😅

Even though you don’t see proof of this in the length of your hair? 🤔

Why is it that your hair has only stayed in one position all these years?? Why is it not growing longer??? 🤔

Have you ever relaxed your hair and after some months you have to ‘retouch’ because you have undergrowth??That’s your hair growth!

The simple reason is that your hair is breaking off faster or at the same rate that it is growing😔🤭🤭

That is what???


Imagine we have a field of green grass. The grass is growing but after some time it’s cut. It will grow again and get cut again. Will that grass ever be tall?

It certainly will not. Same as our hair. What will even make the growth of the grass worse is if it’s not given the right environment to grow.

If it’s not watered regularly or given the nutrients it needs. It will never reach its full potential even as it grows quite slowly.😞🤯

So in order to achieve long hair, we need to maximise our hair growth and ensure the hair length is not breaking excessively.

That’s how to get long hair!

It really is that simple! 😁

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