Hair Care & Ramadan

It is a few days to Ramadan and Muslims all over the world are anticipating and preparing for the Holy month. Ramadan is that time of the year where Muslims fast for the entire month while doubling up on prescribed acts of worship.  It’s a truly humbling and rewarding month and we cannot wait to welcome it. It is also a month of many time consuming activities and that is why Muslims make plans and preparations that would allow a seamless, easy-peasy month.

During Ramadan, time and energy are two things we must guard and use judiciously and we can all agree that caring for our hair is one thing that can be high on the time and energy consuming list!  But like everything else, all you need is a well thought out plan to make sure your hair stays flourishing without taking a backseat to all other activities and here are some just-in-time tips for you.


Hair care during Ramadan is best kept simple. Before the month arrives, have your hair washed and styled protectively. Preferably a day or two before. 


This is a basic, non-skip step in your wash day routine. Use the Deeva Detangling Conditioner and detangling brush to get rid of knots and tangles. 


Cleansing is the next step. Deeva Moisturizing Shampoo with aloe vera and castor oil cleanses your scalp and without stripping your hair. 

Deep Conditioning

Strengthen and moisturize  your strands for the long haul with the Deeva Deep Treatment Hair Masque and ensure quick and thorough conditioning by using a heat cap.


Now that your hair is clean and conditioned, moisturising is necessary for fuss free, easy to style hair. Use Deeva Moisturising Kit to soften and moisturize your hair strands.


Finally, your go-to style should be protective, long-lasting (2-4 weeks), hair stretching (knots and tangles are not your friend), easy to install and easy to take out (if your scalp requires that you shampoo weekly or bi-weekly then this is really important). 

Some style options to wear for the entire month are; medium to mini sized twists, medium to mini sized braids, medium to mini sized sexy African threading. 

Style options to wear weekly or bi-weekly are; big sized braids, big-sized twists, big sized threading, flat twists and other styles that are not elaborate and will be easy to take down. 

During Ramadan

Your hair may be styled protectively for the entire month but your hair care does not end there. Regular moisturizing and intentional hydration will help protect your strands from damage and your scalp from flakiness associated with dehydration.


Moisturizing your hair daily is important and it takes only about 4 minutes. All you need to do is spray your hair strands and scalp with Deeva Hydrating Hair Milk. Then apply Deeva Softening Leave-in Yoghurt on your strands and then seal up all that moisture with Deeva Stimulating Hair Serum or Deeva Hair and Body Butter.. Your hair will love you for it!


Going all day without water for thirty days will take a toll on your hydration levels. Drinking enough water at iftar time and over the course of the night will boost hydration and this helps to energize your hair from roots to tip and foster a healthy scalp.

Hair Care as Worship

Did you know your hair care is also an act of worship? The prophet Muhammad (Peace be Upon him) said, 

“Whoever has hair, let him

(honour) look after it properly.”

Sahih Bukhaari

Therefore, hair care is rewardable when it is done with the intention of worshiping Allaah. 

In the case of married women, hair care is also an act of worship by way of beautifying themselves for their husband.

The icing on the cake is that hair care allows you to simultaneously listen to your favourite Qur’an recitals or beneficial lectures from the learned scholars, while going through the motions of caring for your hair. 

For fuss free, seamless hair care routine, visit our shop for products made for you.

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