Fine, thick or Medium: Understanding your Hair Texture for Better Hair Health!

On your natural hair care journey, it is very important to understand what makes your tresses unique to you! Understanding the factors that makes your hair uniquely yours like your hair type(s) and hair texture(s) will help you treat your hair like the crown it is and enjoy the journey while at it🥰

All you need to know about your hair type is here. So let’s delve right into hair texture and what it means for your hair care journey.

Hair texture refers to the thickness of individual hair strands. It is basically our hair strand width or diameter, how thick or fine your individual hair strands are. There are three types of hair texture; coarse, medium and fine.

How can I Identify my Hair Texture?

It’s super easy. Compare your hair strand with coarse hair. Coarse hair is usually found in the pubic area or beards. If your hair is much thinner than that then you have ‘fine hair’. If its about the same in thickness, then you have ‘coarse hair’. If it’s slightly thinner, then you have ‘medium hair’.

More on each texture

Coarse hair strands are thick, strong, and often have a noticeable diameter. Coarse hair tends to be more resilient and less accepting of chemical treatments such as dyes and relaxer. It tends to feel dry.

Fine hair strands are relatively thin and delicate. Fine hair tends to be more prone to breakage and may lack volume. It also easily accepts chemical treatments such as dyes and relaxer. It usually feels softer.

Medium hair falls right in between fine and coarse. It has a moderate thickness and offers a balance of strength and flexibility. Best of both world basically.

Pro Tip: You can have different hair textures on your head. It is quite common to have fine hair at the very front and back of your head. The hair on these parts are often referred to as ‘edges’ or ‘baby hairs’. These hairs are very delicate and prone to breakage so guard your edges jealousy.

What determines hair texture?

It’s the size of the hair follicle! (That is where hair grows out of). The bigger the size of your hair follicle, the thicker the hair you get! And just like your hair type, genetics play a great role in how thick or fine your hair strands will turn out to be.

In conclusion, understanding your hair texture is a wonderful journey of self-discovery and empowerment. Embrace your unique texture, learn to care for it properly, and unleash your hair’s true potential. Let your locks be a reflection of your beautiful self.

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