Deeva’s story began 2016 in the heart of Oyo state; Ibadan, Nigeria. Our founder, Misturah discovered the amazing benefits of natural shea butter for the hair and skin and fell in love with pampering herself with it. She soon began using a blend of natural oils to enhance the nourishing benefits of shea butter. It didn’t take long before friends and family joined in using her nourishing creations and Deeva Body Nigeria was born.

Since then, Deeva brand has grown to be a producer of a range of natural hair and body care products. We are focused on providing solutions to hair care problems like breakage, tough hair and length retention issues with the use of our natural and effective yet affordable products. We also provide natural alternatives to conventional cosmetic body products.

We understand that premium quality products can only be gotten from quality ingredients hence we source our ingredients from trusted sources. We give precedence to local vendors when sourcing for our ingredients. We believe this is invaluable in promoting indigenous businesses like ours. We are at the top of our game in learning and adopting novel ways of improving the quality of our products. This is to ensure our customers get the best possible experience using our products.

Why do we do all we do? Because, your body care is a priority. We are your body’s best buddy. We are dedicated to producing the best natural body and hair care products just for you. We cherish creating every single product handmade with love using safe natural and pure ingredients. It is a master art we have honed over the past four years and we are still on this journey. With every Deeva product, you become a part of our story. You don’t just buy Deeva, you become a Deeva.